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The Grows Network™

07-12-2009 We provide a large network of websites & servers to assist people in countries with restricted access to the internet. We let them visit all the websites they would like. Anime, Social, Games, MMORPG, most of these sites are blocked at schools, work or home. The Grows Network™, for a free web!

Special version of World of Warcraft for China

08-08-2009 There will be a customized version of World of Warcraft for the chinese market, the government ordered to create black blood, remove bloody icons and piles of bones will be sandbags.

Why News Organizations Need a Facebook Strategy

14-08-2009 As Facebook ramps up its offerings and takes on both Twitter and Google, you may need a hefty presence there to capture an audience you might not easily reach other ways. The hugely popular and still growing social networking site this week made three big advances, interpreted as steps in its strategy to own as much of the social Web as possible.

Iran Blocks Internet Access

07-12-2009 On the eve of student demonstrations planned for Monday, Iran choked off Internet access and warned journalists working for foreign media to stick to their offices for the next three days. The measures were aimed at depriving the opposition of its key means of mobilizing the masses as Iran's clerical rulers keep a tight lid on dissent.

Many iPhone apps upload personal data

18-08-2009 Many developers, including the iPhone Dev Team say alot of iPhone apps will transmit personal data to Apple servers about the owner without letting the user know.

Aion: The Tower Of Eternity

23-10-2009 Having first played an early alpha of AION during its first debut at E3 2006, the game showed promise with a gorgeous new graphics engine, as well as the concept of real-time flight and aerial combat, all wrapped in a familiar gameplay package. Three years and copious beta testing later, Aion has finally seen retail release in Korea and China, and is currently slated for Fall 2009 release in North America and Europe. In a market dominated by World of Warcraft, many MMOs struggle to hold onto their niche.

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Portal Server

In many countries, for example China or Poland, a big part of the internet is blocked. Either by government, ISP or simply by school/work sysadmins. With this Portal you can still surf to any website you like, for example 4chan, Youtube, Twitter, MySpace, vKontakte or Wykop.

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